Gacha Club Fashion Contest

Rules for Submission:

- Credit your entry when you're posting your submission.
- No OCs allowed (there will be a preset contest after the game's release)
- No shadings, except the eyes
- Do not trace, steal or recolor other people's submission
- Submissions must be completely new and drawn
- Don't make over detailed submissions.
- No reposting your entries, unless you changed it.
- Don't not draw existing items already in previous games
- You must use the template to the right

Deadline: Until the game is released
Prize: Your entry will appear in game, and your credits name will be listed here

Submit your entries below in the Disqus thread or in our Discord server's Submission channel.
*Note - We are changing the template back to Gacha Life because the time needed to make an entirely new style would be too much. This way we can select more entries to be in Gacha Club. If you had a previous submission, please re-draw it on this chibi template. Thank you for joining!

Gacha Club Template